Q. When did you meet Pac?


A. I met Pac in 1992

Q-How many songs have you done with Pac?

A. I was on 5 songs out of 10 with Pac on Thug life Vol. 1 that went platinum(cradle to the grave, how long will you morn me, shit don’t stop, bury me a “G”, AND don’t get it twisted)

Q.-How many solo albums do you have?

A. After Thug Life I have completed 1 solo album ( Macadoshi$ AKA Bo$$ Mac THA COME UP)

Q. What future projects do you have?

A. I have my new album coming out and 2 more mixtapes for 2010

Q. What’s the name of the new album?


Q. Who is featured on the album?

A. Jayo Felony, Warren G, Glasses Malone, The Outlawz, & E40(waiting on confirmation)

Q. What’s Your motivation?

A. My kids are my motivation. I suffered a major lost last year by losing my oldest son(Diron Rivers Jr.) due to heart complications. He attended Cal State Northridge Studying film during his Junior year of college with a 3.5 grade point average. Diron was playing ball on February 03, 2009 on campus and suddenly collapsed & that was it he passed away.

I was almost finished with the album but after my son passed away it took me out the game and sucked the life out of me. So I took 2009 off to mourn my son.

my motivation now is it’s a new year and I promised him I would take care of his little brothers (Dajon Rivers aka Dae Dae, Deon Rivers aka Boogie) and his mom (Shantrice Rivers).

Q. Any other artist you grooming?

A. Not right now just focused on me at the moment. I’m flooding the streets with Macadoshi$ and Bo$$ Mac product. real grimey wit it, getting in the streets wit it, Hustlin’ from the ground up. Shooting our own videos straight to you tube and all the otha websites that play videos. Log on to the internet and you going to see me

Q. How can we find you?

A. myspace.com/macadoshis1; you tube macadoshis (from thug life)

Q. When will we hear a new album from THUG LIFE & THE OUTLAWZ?

when I dropped my album in 2007 I had people from France, Germany, and all over Europe hitting me up like keep that movement going, so most definitely we coming with a new THUG LIFE and THE OUTLAWZ album

“Thug Life is bigger than music we are the original movement”, Pac has been gone over ten years and there are millions of thug life and 2pac fans out there. You see people walking around with thug life tatted on their stomachs, 2pac tatted on their arms. You don’t see no other rappers with their name on people. It’s more of a spiritual connection we have with our fans

Shout out to ASPECTS who did the graphics for the album, and shout out to swagg for giving me this opportunity.

Look out for Macadoshi$ in Canada this summer and his full page story in the March swagg newspaper. Macadoshi$ is 100% Swagg Approved, from the neck up and all the way in. Also look out for Macadoshi$ new singles on the new swaggwest mixtapes coming soon…